Gospel Down


we are
born ignorant
into this lonely world
of shadows and whispers
and we look to those
already walking with death
to show us the way
in this new reality
but from the beginning
they can only lie to us
as those before
also lied
to them

we are youngest
we most truly recognize
the human predicament
and see the basic truths
as Nature's creatures
must perceive them
with cold and soothing warmth
hunger and sated satisfaction
pain and pleasure sublime
the guiding principles
which lead us
in this life

what more is needed?
simply feed
and protect us
until we are able
to survive
on our own
do not meddle
beyond that

it starts
harmlessly enough
with their silly faces
and idiotic sounds
playing the fool
for us

we learn
their acting skills
when in reality
the grinding of bone
and gnashing of teeth
would more truly show us
something of worth
to help us
make our way
in this present tense

we are led lamely
down a questionable trail
of 123's and ABC's
all laid together
in familiar patterns
bad movies
which we
cannot help but watch
over and over
from generation
to gypped generation

it is not
their fault
what else
do they know
to do with us?

we are shown
countless celebrations
and other excuses
to keep us from
pressing persistently forward
toward truer

they tell us
and enjoy yourselves
as if that philosophy
has worked so well
for them
and yet another
dying generation

they tire
of lying to us
they divert our attention
to electronic substitutes
something to both pacify
and intoxicate us
we are taught
what our society values
in brilliant displays
and surround sound
showing and telling us
that the most spectacular
represents what is best
setting our expectations
extraordinarily high
from the start
and as
our limbs lengthen
our awakening understanding
begins to succumb
the stultifying
power of

we are turned over
to the care of the state
to be properly educated
or at least
adequately prepared
for the perils
that this planet
is prepared to place
before us

it is
in our schools
where the lies
which have been forming
in our adolescent minds
become concrete
and we are rewarded
or punished
based upon our ability
to parrot
the falsehoods
of our teachers

after a dozen
or so years
of watching those who fail
be ridiculed and dismissed
and those who rebel
be declared derelict
or insane
we make
our way
to a temporary platform
from which to launch
a more self-chosen
career or education
some disappear at this juncture
to unknown or exotic climes
but most choose the trodden paths
constructed by millennia of mediocrity
as seemingly worthy goals
to hopefully keep
the people smiling
and fear from their eyes
as we approach them
in the night

a continuation
of the obvious
with a few
seeming exceptions
existing here and there
that provide research opportunities
to pry the waiting secrets
from the unwilling
once again
reinforcing the lie
that man is the master
of his environment

we only achieve mastery
over our limited interpretation
of the reality
which will
chew us up
and spit us back
onto the ground
of truth

appears to be
a real beginning
into the busy world
but there we learn
that the constructs
which we have acquired
through the years
of schooling
are but junior efforts
compared to the real blasphemies
that are the true cogs and gears
of industry
and religion

it is
in these
entrenched institutions
where we find
that the better
the lie
the better
the result

is the result
of those lies
being brought to bear
upon those who would
disbelieve them

it is on
the battlefield
where deceptions end
death and dismemberment
being truths beyond compare
and comprehension dawns
pain revealing
what is real
but unfortunately
the participants
only wish to return
to the land of the lying
and to their societies
of dubious benefits
all end products
of centuries
of careful

are allowable escapes
built upon the mystiques
of noble competition
the island paradise
or the mighty mountain
all visions given to us
as a sleight of hand
by those who distract
from their true intent
of subterfuge
all they offer
is a lying legerdemain
leading the eye away
from the true escape
we can all discover
within our own
melting skin
here and

many of us
cling to another
and call it love
when mostly
it is a biologically
or pathologically driven
need to connect
to the opposite sex
misdirected energy
from Nature's prime directive
to breed and preserve

basic instincts
gone awry
in the name
of convention
and morality

simply wish
not to be alone
in this continually
e x p a n d i n g u n i v e r s e
always realizing
much too late
that as long as we
place our hopes
upon another
human being
we are duly
to be

we are given
shiny play-pretties
new cars
new boats
new homes
new clothing
new jewelry
new bodies
new faces
attractive packaging
of the

sensual over
the sublime
but nothing
of real

as we
grow older
there are some
who cease to follow
the fallacies of falsities
whether it be through
spiritual awakening
continual disappointments
countless repeated failures
of the manufactured dream
or simply through
the accumulated apathy
of accruing age
they let go
of those vaunted visions
and find some measure
of acceptance and peace
in a more grounded

but most
only intensify
their pursuit
of the jaded promises
made to us all
since birth
anxiety driving us
fear of missing out
on the false dream
prodding us forward
into the depths
of delusion
and depression
all that is left
is resentment
and fear

in that case
will become
the final cheat
robbing us
of the chance
to join those
overvalued venues
of so called success
and questionable

even dying
we hope for
comfort or reprieve
as we have often witnessed
in books and magazines
or on the large
and small
but we cannot
take those fictions
with us to the grave
or the crematorium
for they flee
in the face
of the final outcome
for us all

if we
continue to clutch
the falsehoods of the past
all that we will know
is the perpetual pain
of the existence
which we
have left

must walk
naked and alone
into the waiting arms
of everlasting truth
where finally
in death
we will learn
what we should
have understood
so long ago
in life

to turn away
from society's

to embrace
the absolute

to begin
to live
in the same way
that we must
all surely