Dogs 2005


high above me
a few sparkling glints
of scattered sunshine
betray a shattered view
slowly starting to fall
before my cloistered
and limited

I look around
to see only shadows
and hidden mockeries
derisively taunting me
the daylight is wasted
and the darkness
is all that remains
of my present

tumbling shards
of the sunlit past
raining down now
begin to fall into place
a picture slowly forming
as if viewing a movie
on a shredded screen
slowly healing
I see fragments
in front of me
of what
I had always
hoped to

the vicinity brightens
as the pieces coalesce
sticking to shapes
and forms finished
revealing a kinder vision
of glad times approaching
a peaceful scene with
diminishing gaps
between awareness
and recognition

the reflection whole
I step back
to see
my life complete
and replete
with hope

I smile
with realization
of dreams imagined
and laugh briefly
as I stoop
for the